Comments by Bulgarian Defence Industries Association


The Bulgarian Defensive Industry Association (BDIA) is a non-profit legal entity. It is founded in 2004 by twelve companies leading in the branch and is aimed to serve as a forum for exchange of ideas between the state bodies and the defensive industry for resolving the problems of the branch and its steady development. The Association aims at forming an “united voice” of the Bulgarian defensive industry on the matters of modernization, defensive industry policy, the offset policy and the policy for procedures and procurement for the defense and the safety of the country, the scientific researches and the technological development. BDIA works for the progress and consolidation of the branch for resolving the problems of the defense and safety of the country.

We keep contacts and cooperate with the Bulgarian state bodies and with our partners as well as with related associations from the country and abroad in the field of the defensive industry and technologies; we acquire and spread information concerning the state policy and procedures for defense and safety procurement, the scientific researches and the technological development; we support the activities of the state bodies in the safety sector aimed to development of the defensive industry. Carrying out its aims our Association arranges national and international meetings and conferences, spreads abroad information about its activities and the capabilities of its members and forms program directions in functional fields.

We Bulgarian military producers herewith do have to clearly reject any of the accusations made in an article saying that Bulgarian military producers and their subcontractors or assigned carriers had been involved in a weapon trafficking to terrorist organizations.

All our military production as well as all related export and carriage procedures, including the flights from Bulgaria with our military production on board have been run and organized under a full controlled regime and meet all local and international rules. All flight destinations and consignees are clearly stipulated under full control of all respective local and international authorities.

Some articles in the media refer to the so-told “investigation” of a journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, present heavy accusations without any evidences. What is said in these articles is a false information based on spoofed, distorted or untrue facts. Bulgarian military production has never been and will never be delivered to any untrusted recipient. All our deliveries, including those made with Silk Way Airlines (hereinafter referred as “Silk Way”), were made with full set of legal documents and permits, under the control of all local and international authorities and without any diplomatic immunity. Obtaining flight permissions through diplomatic channels doesn’t mean the obtaining of diplomatic immunity. Statements that a Bulgarian production has been delivered by airplanes of Silk Way to terrorist organizations and to untrusted regions is untrue and their only purpose is to destroy our good reputation as well as the good reputation of the companies we use to deliver our products.

Nowadays in a world of transparency there is no room for any international flight moreover caring military production on board to operate in discrepancy to the legal standards.

We know that Silk Way is a member of the international aviation community and therefore are bound to international laws and conventions clearly stipulating the nature of flight operation. We know that Silk Way is allowed to operate in full compliance with all existing laws. That is why we regularly use their services as reliable partner doing safe and professional transportation, according to all local and international legal provisions.

All the permits regarding our deliveries are issued through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the requested states. We and the air companies we assign to deliver our products, in this case Silk Way disclose before all respective authorities’ full information about the nature of the cargo, the shipper and the consignee. The air company receives special permits and not diplomatic immunity to transport the cargo from the country of the shipper, the country of the consignee, as well as from the countries through which the aircraft flies.

As one can see, the delivery of Bulgarian military cargo is under the full control of the responsible local and international authorities so stating that the Bulgarian production on the board of the airplanes of Silk Way or other air company has been delivered to terrorists is absolutely untrue, moreover it is offensive and destroy not only the good reputation of the Bulgarian producers of military goods and the transporting companies but also the reputation of all Bulgarian and international authorities which control and give permissions for such exports.

Members of Bulgarian Defence Industries Association are:

  1. Avionams JSCo
  2. Arcus JSCo
  3. Arsenal JSCo
  4. Bulgarian Industrial Engineering and Management
  5. Vazovski Mashinostroitelni Zavodi JSCo (VMZ)
  6. Videx JSCo
  7. Dunarit JSCo
  8. International Armored Group
  9. Institute of Metal Science Equipment and Technologies “Akad. A. Balevski” with Hydroaerodynamics Centre
  10. Electron Consortium JSCo
  11. Kintex SHC
  12. Maxam Bulgaria JSCo
  13. MTG- Dolphin JSCo
  14. Opticoelectron Group JSCo
  15. Optix JSCo
  16. Samel- 90 PLC
  17. Terem JSCo
  18. Transmobile
  19. Tcherno More JSCo